Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Dux Britanniarum Part 2: The Saxons

I hope you all had a good start into the new year, and may it be a happy and healthy one for you and your Dear ones. With us the start into 2013 was not a smooth as we had wished for - nothing serious, but our little girl had her first "big flu" and both my wife and I have fallen sick in turn, so it was a nice little sick bay around here. Well, now we are all better and ready for a late start into the new year.

It's been a while since I have shown my British force for DUX here, so as first blog entry of 2013 I'd like to show you the progress on that project. First, I have finished the British commander together with his champion and a standard bearer - as no standrads are required in DUX, he's just there to give flair and maybe to be removed as a marker for a wound given to the big man.

The DUX himself (original figure from the ruleset-release) with his Champion and Standard Bearer (both figures by Gripping Beast miniatures)

Next there are the Saxons: The gruel and bloodthirsty warleader with his champion and standard (yes I know, the christian symbols don't really fit in with the hammer amulette - but I liked this flag very much, and just look at the man: Isn't such a villain apt to use all advantages he can get? That probably includes being not overly choosy in religious matters...)

The Saxon high command - all figures by Gripping Beast, both the champion and the flag-bearer painted by Jake Hallam

And here we have the rest of the hairy horde: Three units of warriors with their captain (on the left)...

Saxon warriors - all figures by Gripping Beast (except for the one chap on the right, he's from Musketeer), all buildings by Grand Manner

...two units of elite hearthguards, the finest fighting men of northern Germany (and very fine figures, too - a real pleasure to paint)...

The hearthguard and their black captain (left). Figures are a mixture of Musketeer Miniatures and Gripping Beast. The chap with the green shield and the beautiful horse-freehand on the far right was again painted by Jake Hallam.

...and finally a few skirmishers.

Saxon skirmishers - all figures by Wargames Foundry, the two bowmen were painted by Jim Bowen

I've already played some games with those armies, but as a few figures have not been finished until now (and had to be replaced by stand-in vikings) I didn't take pictures of them before. But now that they are ready, I really enjoy having them. And I plan to use them as often as possible - thus I'm going to use them in my cunning ploy to infatuate my fellow club members to play DUX (a rule system I really can not recommend highly enough). Well, let's join the fight!

Next in line on my painting desk are a few finishing touches to several SAGA-armies, then I'll take up the task of transforming DUX into new eras. Best regards and thanks for your visit,