Mittwoch, 13. März 2013


Strange caption, that is. Well, I couldn't decide whether to name the post for the news I want to break, the progress I want to report or the sale I'd like to announce. But as all of them go well together with "big", I guess that'll be this posts title for now.

Where to start? Let's begin with the news. I was at Tactica in Hamburg two weeks ago, and as many of you may already know, this wargames show really is a gem. I was there first time and wasn't prepared for such a big and great show on German soil. Also, I wasn't prepared to spent so much money, which is why I won't go to Salute after all. No need for it, really, my lead mountain has risen quite a step. But it wasn't only the things I've bought (more of that in a later post), but also the games were just great. Here are just a very few impressions of the eye candy available there...

But surely the greatest experience of the show was talking to the Perries, who are really very nice and amiably fellows. And now here is the first of the big news I've learned: Michael is doing TWO NEW WotR PLASTIC SETS. One will be dismounted knights, the other light cavalry. He was even so kind to ask me which set I'd prefer first and I opted for the dismounted knights - so I guess it will be light cavalry first out, then.

The Perry Twins Alan (left) and Michael (right) being interviewed at the Tactica by Magabotato
The second big news of the show I've learned from Alex Buchel: There'll be a SAGA SUPPLEMENT FOR THE CRUSADES this autumn with lists for several Arab and Crusader factions. Having proposed Crusader lists at the SAGA-forum myself I'm really excited about this news. Also, it definitly was the right decision to go for single based figures in my current project...

Speaking of which there is also big progress to report. The basing goes along nicely, and I now have multibases for the biggest part of my army. As you can see on these snapshots they are not yet finished, but the most time-consuming part (preparing the multibases and basing the figures so that they will fit into the slots - its harder than it sounds as a single corn of sand can obstruct the close-fitting connection) is done:

Andalusian Foot (Work in Progress)

Andalusian Horse (Work in Progress)

A close up on the command

 Now  I have to do some light horse and a few more other bases, than I can concentrate on the painting of the bases.

Speaking of concentration... I have to admit a little lapse of focus lately. With all the new  toy I've bought at the Tactica I thought it was time again to sell some, too. So I based and finished a few more figures and put them on Ebay. Among those are:


WotR from Front Rank

Normans from Gripping Beast

Normans from Gripping Beast

Hundred Year's War

I'll probably miss some of them eventually, but even with my rather grand-scale approach to planing and starting projects there is a step where grandness and madness collide, and I want to stay well away from that step for as long as possible...

Thanks for visiting, have a nice evening and take care,