Sonntag, 17. November 2013

A long road to Longstreet

Lately I had the oppertunity to play a game of Longstreet. It's no secreet that up to the first announcement of Sam Mustafa with some promising details on that game I neither had any interest in the period nor a special fondnes for the figures. I had bought some ACW cavalry when they first appeared at the Salute (for it was the first set of historical figures made from hard plastic), but sadly I have long since tradet this pack for I don't know what. Thus my lead mountain - as large as it looms - was up to date clear of any figure representing a soldier after the date of 1815.

Now this has to change, because Longstreet is - as I had feared when I had read the announcement of Sam - just and planly great. It is great fun to read and even more fun to play, and the same way I've catched the Napoleonic plague with Lasalle, it seems it has happened again.

So I gave in, and have since heavily invested into this period. Now the first regiment is ready for the fight, and I couldn't wait to show it off.

Perry ACW Union Regiment
Since I don't know to much about the period, I have chosen a nondescript regiment of volunteers ("Smallville's finest"). I'll add a few historical regiments at a later date, when I have read more about it - Don Troiani has already been ordered...

For the whole project, I've chosen to use exclusively Perry Miniatures. Many of them I'll paint myself, but given the size of the project I've already contacted some trusted painters as well. 

I'll keep you informed about the progress. Until next time - and thank's for dropping by!