Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

AttritiCon 2012

Our club, the Ulmer Strategen, has an annual gaming event: The AttritiCon. This was held last weekend, and it really was a great success. With some 80+ gamers playing DBMM and FOG tournaments as well as many participation games, it really was a joyfull event with a great selection of what our hobby has to offer.

There are many more pictures to be found here, alas I have to appology that the text that goes with them is written in German.

I took part in the DBMM tournament, but I also used the time between games to both learn Impetus and play a round of SAGA - the last on a very beautiful table presented by our friends from Heidelberg.

A SAGA game in full swing at the AttritiCon

In the end, I have to say I have enjoyed Impetus and SAGA much more than DBMM. I did rather well at DBMM and ranked fifth out of ten players - considering the lack of gaming practice and the complexity of the rules that was more than I could have hoped for. Also, two of the four games were rather nice, but well, the other two were not. In both cases my fun was tarnished not by the fact of winning or loosing, but by the rather strained and ambitious attitude of my opponents. I don't blame them, it WAS a tournament after all, but it became clear that tournament games are less and less attractive for me. After all, I have more then enough competition in my job, and I enjoy it very much when the tension of a game stems from the unfolding narrative, casting its spell over the players, rather then from the strained nerves of a tournament-competitor. So I guess I'll play DBMM again, but probably not in a tournament context, and the same goes for FOG.

You live, you learn. Still it has been a great weekend, and there were so many nice people and so much hobby-talk that it more than compensated for the minor annoyances. And the oppertunity to play Impetus may have marked the start into this new gaming system - at least it sound very promising.

Have a nice evening and best regards,

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  1. Fun looking event. Love the locale and all the games and figures are superb. Love the ships and Saga game. Best, Dean