Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012


No, I'm not talking about the TV-series of that name (although it is reasonably entertaining) but about a small medieval town that I have bought at Ebay. You have certainly seen it before as I have myself many times - it is from PMC games and at first I was very reluctand to buy it. The pictures on ebay are not the best, and I have never seen them in reality, so...

Well, After months of thought-wrestling I've finally re-invested the revenue of an ebay sale, and I was really surprised when the parcel arrived. The buidlings are of very good quality, look the part and are, especially at this price, more than a bargain. I've aired them a few nights in the garage, thought, as they obviously were packed right after painting. Now the smell seems to be gone, but the looks remains. Enough said, now see for yourself:

PMC-games medieval town - laid out on my new gaming mat. The river is from litko (painted by me)

Here is the same view with some background added...

... a detail-picture of the mill (I'll probably add some water-effects on the wheel later)...

...and a panorama-view:

All roofs can be lifted off to place miniatures within the buildings, although there are no interior details (I for my part really don't miss them). Some more pictures of the scenery:

Perry Miniatures Knights preparing to defend Smallville

As you can see from the pictures, the buildings are a little bit on large side for the Perry figures. But they are just fine for Fireforge, which perfectly fits my new project planned for 2013 (more about that some other time).

I couldn't fight the urge to do a little photoshop with the pictures, but I have not altered any of the buildings. In my opinnion, they are really good. Now I'm looking forward for the first game of medieval street-fight.

Have a nice weekend, thanks for visiting,


  1. Many thanks, Willie! Actually, I was a little to fast with the "publish"-button, I've added some more pictures.

    Now I finally have no excuse not to paint those Crusader and Fireforge Knights - and some civilians. Smallville needs inhabitants... Best regards, Tobi

  2. That looks awesome
    Very cool to play on such a terrain
    well done


  3. Those look really good, Tobi! I agree that the mill could use some water effects. I've heard that Liquitex Gel Medium makes a really good water effect, especially when you want to make waves and splashes. Check out Terran Scapes' youtube channel for some really great tutorials on how to use it:

  4. Reminds me of a lot of towns in video game RPGs like Elder Scrolls and Fable. Very nice. The river and water mill are nice touches.

  5. Smallville is absolutly beautiful, and the pictures are great! Fantastic work on the lights and background...

  6. Many thanks for your kind comments! I'm happy you like it.

    @Mattias: Many thanks for the link. Water-effect paste is already ordered, I'll keep you tuned.

    Best regards and take care,

  7. Don't you just love the pmc buildings...great value and brill paint jobs. Your set up looks great. If you want to see how they look in a city setting head over to my blog ...shedwars...look up robin hood