Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2012

Planning ahead

I hope you all had a very enjoyable Christmas. I also hope that you've found many hobby-related presents under the Christmas tree (or in your Christmas stockings). I for myself was very lucky indeed and have recieved an army of perry HYW figures. So together with my Samurai/Korean project these figures will be the big project for next year - and I'm very much looking forward to it.

Speaking of it, I now have finished the plan for my 100 points DUX Korean adaption. Here it is:

100 points Korean army

The last weeks I have read the "Imjin war" by Samuel Hawley - a thoroughly reserched and very, very well written account of the Japanese-Korean war in the late 16th century. Sadly the book is out of print, and I was only able to akquire a used version at a very high prize. Yet given the quality of the book it was well worth its money (or even more). I can not recommend the book highly enough.

The reading is very inspiring, and even if many of the accounts are shocking from an humanitarian perspective (to say the least), the period itself is very exciting and full of potential. By reading the text I could see the armies unfold on the hilly ground of Korea, and I'm looking forward to bring the Perry figures which I've treasured for so long to live with the DUX Britanniarum adaption. There'll be quite a bit more about this project in the near future.

For now I wish you all the best, enjoy the last days of 2012 and make the best of them. Take care,

Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

From DUX to Duke and Daimyo

When contemplating the year 2012 (which thankfully has not ended yesterday - along with the whole earth), one of the best hobby-related things for me in the last months was the release of DUX Britanniarum. With its very accomplished synthesis of game, simulation and story-telling, it hit the bulls eye. There is only one quarrel left (which can be considered a minor one): The Arthurian era is not one of my favorites. Yes, I have figures and yes, I like them, BUT it would be so much more fun battling away in Outremer, 14th century France or Feudal Japan. There is hope for offical supplements, but I think I don't think I can wait that long.

So, my new years resolution for the hobby does include many things DUX-related. While my basic armies for the Britons and Saxons are finished (just have to take pictures which will happen soonish), they will need to be reinforced. But in addition I also want to adapt the rules to other periods. And here the big challange is to keep the balance of the game.

Therefore I have tried to deduce a point-system for DUX, which for me looks rather balanced and rates both official DUX-starter armies at the same point value of 70 points. Here's the point-system I came up with:

Point System for DUX

Let me explain how it works: The point value of each unit is calculated by the number of figures, their quality and the fact whether they are mounted and/or have ranged weapons. Thus a 6 figure unit of elites comes out at 10 points (6 for the figures, 4 for being elite). A unit of 4 bowmen counts 6 points (4 for the figures, 2 for ranged weapons). I also had to make the destinction regarding unit-size in order to adjust the quality-costs to the number of figures. A normal unit for foot is 6 figures, a small one 4 and a large one 8. For mounted troops a normal unit is 4, a small 2 and a large 6. Thus a mounted unit of 6 elite shock troops costs 14: 4 figures + 4 elite + 4 shock horse + 2 large unit size.

With this system it should be possible to adjust the game to any setting mentioned above. Flavour of the period will have to be added by the card-deck as well as by (very few) additional rules. Talking about tinkering with the rules - you will notice the term "B&M Group" in the system above. This is a group of bannermen, standards and musicians which is indispensible in every feudal army. It works as follows: The force moral level for a battle with the basic army is 6 + 1D3 (meaning on a pip of 1-2 the level will be raised 1 point, on 3-4 it will be raised 2 points and so on). Thus this can be adapted for larger games as 0,5 force morale points per levy unit, 1 per warrior unit and 1,5 per elite unit present on the table plus the additional D3. The new B&M group will count as an elite unit (thus being a very cheap addition to the force moral level - analogous to baggage in DBMM) AND allow one re-roll of the D3 when first determining the force moral level. As a downside it will fight like levies (being encoumbered with all those flags and gear) but die like elites - with a potential loss of 3 morale points. I think this might work well and will also make for a beautifull addition to the army on the field.

You may also have noticed that bowmenship is not available for levies - that is because levies trained with ranged weapons will fight as missile troops or skirmishers in feudal armies. Experts of shooting belonging to the elites shoot better (thus the higher point value). When checking for hits they treat their targets as one quality level lower then they actually are (thus elites shot at by elites use the warrior-outcome). In addition, elites don't have to shoot on the nearest target (yet they still are not allowed to target commanders).

That's enough of special rules at the moment, now let's have a look at the 100p Samurai army I'm planning to field 2013:

100point Samurai army for DAIMYO (aka DUX)

In the same way I'm going to build up a Korean force. I will report on the progress. Enough of planning ahead, now let's enjoy the last remaining days of 2012. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!

Very best regards,

Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

Napo-event and Liebster Award

The year's end comes alway very surprising - or so it seems. Suddenly all people come to notice what should long have been finished by now, and if those people are in charge, you can be sure you have your hands full of work. That's why I've managed to paint 2 (!) figures in the last four weeks, and my blog was in quiet tranquillity (as it befits the nearing holiday season).

Now it's about time for an update, and there are two important developments to report on: First I have the honour to be nominated for the famous "Liebster award" by the equally famous Christopher aka Axebreaker, to whom I'd like to express my gratidute for this great honour. Christopher is the same "wargame butterfly" as me with so many projects and hobby-objectives that reality often has a hard time to catch up. We're planning to organize a game together at next years AttritiCon in Ulm, but what it will be is a matter of discussion (and subject to change) yet. Rest assured it will be great - what ever we will finally decide on :-)

Back to the Liebster Award. As you all know by now, it has five rules, namely: 1) "Copy and paste" the award on your blog, and talk about it a bit. 2) Post a link back to the blogger who gave you the award. 3) Select for the award your five favourite blogs with less than 200 followers, leaving a comment on one of their post to notify them that they have won the award. You need also to list them in your own blog. 4)  Enjoy the moment, knowing that you have just made someone's day. 5) Of course, there is no obligation to pass the award, but it is a good deed really.

Now with that beautiful golden figure on my blog, it is time to nominate my own list of great blogs I like and visit. Well, first there's Simons' burgundian blog "Je Lay Emprins", dedicated to the development of his fantastic Burgundian Amry (mainly Perry figures). Fantastic work and very inspirational.

Also, I highly recommend "The Leutnants Diary" - it seems this blog was already nominated a few times for the award, but as it is so good I think it can handle another nomination.

Next on my list of recommendees is Jimbibbly's blog. James, the owner of the fantastic Oshiro range of Japanese buildings who always crowns the Salute in London with his fantastic Perry Samurai display, is a very nice person and so productive it puts shame on my meagre hobby-efforts... 

Then there is the sensational - if German speaking - blog "Figuren und Geschichten" ("figures and stories") of Frank, presenting beautifully painted figures in fantastic backgrounds with well-researched or simply inspirational stories around them. Highly recommended to all German speakers and readers.

Last but not least I'd like to nominate the "Lair of the Uber Geek". It may have more thean 200 followers and thus does not qualify for the award, but I'd like to interpret this rule as a mere  guideline and thus ignore it. It is with great joy and amusement that I read Miles stories about figures, robots and his wifes parties, and more often than not I call my own wife over to the Laptop in order to enjoy together the fantastic stories of this very nice and sympathetic person - I hope I'll meet him in person someday.

There are many more blogs I'd like to nominate, but five is the rule - and if I would ignore all rules then where would we be? At your average wargame tournament obviously, but this is another matter.

Thus onto our next topic, the Napoleonic Wargames Event in Ulm. The idea was to have a themed gaming weekend, and to top it up with a little bit of history - namely a tour to the battlefield of Ulm/ Elchingen.

As Marios (in the middle) presents, the event was really great fun

15 wargamers arrived from all over Germany, and whe played all things Napoleonic - especially with Age of Eagles (here our good friend Bodo has put up two great scenarios, you can read more about them (in German) here) and Lasalle. Personally, I hosted a big 28mm Lasalle Game...

28mm Lasalle with Perry Figures

and also played some 15mm Lasalle games with my Russians:

Lasalle in 15mm: Not as visually pleasing as 28mm but still a great game

It was fantastic and I think we'll repead the event next year. Well, that's it for now, I hope there'll be another blog entry before Christmas. Have a good time, buy nice presents and enjoy the snow (I just came back from showelling some snow drifts in our yard, there is something to be said for "green Christmas"...)

Best regards and take care,