Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

Samurai in the Snow

Hi all,

December is traditionally a very tense time at my office - everyone expects me to finish all those projects that nobody was really interested in for so many months before. So I have to be a busy bee, and (as I had anticipated) painting progress for the painting challange so far is quite slow - but my masterplan is to make up for this lack of progress during and after the holidays!

My first entry to the painting challange is a Samurai of the Perry range - indeed I had this backtrop of a beautiful Japanese-gardens-calendar, and this inpired me to paint a fitting figure to use for the "cold" special theme of the painting challange.

It was really great fun to paint this Samurai, especially without the typical armour. I'm going to paint some more of these...

Have a nice holiday everyone, and thanks for your great support in 2014. I hope you get a lot of shiny toys under the Christmas tree. for me it will be the new Perry Azincourt-Range, and I'm really looking forward to these figures!

All the best,