Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2013

A published gaming mat

Is it spring yet?  Well, it seems this blog has confused the seasons and was hibernating during all of this beautiful summer. I often thought about posting, but real life was extremly busy - a little future wargamer has arrived in our familiy and my doctoral thesis has reached its final phase. Under these circumstances hobby time is extremly scarce, so I had to decide whether to actually paint and game or just to write/blog about it.

While the volume of what I get finished these days is insignificant when compared to earlier times, I still got some projects on the way. The most important of which does appear on page 60 of the current issue of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy (#69), and I‘ve enjoyed this very much.

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  • Sir Tobi - 'A quest for the ultimate flexible gaming mat - the philosopher's portable battlefield'.
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I‘ll come back to other projects I‘ve worked on in later posts but want to use this one for the question what acrylic paste or sealant to use in the mat building process. I couldn‘t post a link to Amazon in my article in WSS, but I‘ll post it here (no, I don't have a contract with Amazon, so please go ahead and buy it wherever you like). 

So if you want to (considerably) dirty your hands with your own gaming mat - workshop, I‘ll recommend this product (if you are ordering from Germany or don‘t mind oversea postage):

An alternative from Amazon UK which sohould work fine, too (although I have not worked with it myself) is this product: 
If anyone uses it, please be so kind and give me a feedback if your content with it.

I guess there will be a follow up article in WSS, but first I‘m looking forward to see this one in print.

Best regards to all of you and thanks for your visit,