Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Later Andalusians - Impetus Style

Flip Flap, says the Wargames Butterfly - and someplace it causes a storm.

Well, not a storm exactly, but at least a burst of activity. While January was very busy in real life and I hardly managed to paint anything at all, February proved to be much of an improvement. And a new project was started - since Christopher aka Axebreaker and me have finally decided on what we want to prepare for the next AttritiCon in Ulm. It will be El Cid - using Impetus rules, and featuring Christophers gloriously painted (and in the new "Impetus extra 5" - booklet deservedly honoured) El Cid-army as well as my less famous, but nonetheless quite nice Andalusian force. I may say so myself, because the collection does not only reflect my own humble painting efforts, but features the beautiful work of Monica Bello, Simon Bradley, David Millet, Jake Hallam and some others.

As you can see from these names, the project has been growing for some time now. I kept painting Arabs and also buying them painted or handing them out as painting comissions, but I really couldn't decide on what rulesystem to use, so I did not base the figures. Now, finally, it is decided for which project they will be used - and thus how to base them. Using my previously intodruced basing-system they will be single-based and then combined on Impetus-multibases. This way I can also use them for DUX or other skirmish games at a later time. Naturally, this basing-system is somewhat of an overkill and takes double or tripple time - first the figures have to based individually, then the multibase has to be prepared. But looking at the first results, for me it's well worth the effort.

What we have here are two bases of bowmen and one base of skirmishers. The pictures are not that great and I'll take some better ones with more background as soon as more bases are ready - which will be quite soon, I hope.

By the way, I didn't photoshop the bases, so while you surely can see that these are individually based figures, in my oppinion the effect typically associated with Impetus-bases (a small diorama) is not completely lost. But let me know what you think.

Have a nice evening and thanks for your visit,