Samstag, 20. April 2013

The Andalusians are ready to march

There's nothing like an upcoming deadline to speed up the work :-) 

At our next big club event AttritiCon which will be held in two weeks I have the honour to stage an El Cid - Impetus game with Christopher aka Axebreaker, known near and far for his beautiful armies. Just take a look at his fabtastic El Cid army and you will understand why to say I'm under pressure to present something adequate really is quite an understatement. 

Thus I have started to base and paint an Andalusian army that was for a long time in my mind and in my cuppord but for some reason or the other had not seen the light of day yet. Today I'm glad to say that it is finished. Have a look for yourself:

Impetus Andalusian Cavalry (figues by Musketeer, Gripping Beast, Artizan, Black Tree and Crusader)


Impetus Andalusian Infantry (figues by Musketeer, Artizan, Gripping Beast and Black Tree)

I have already written what there is to say about this army here, so this time I'll let it suffice with the army list and some more pictures. All together it is a 400p army consisting of two commands:

Command 1 (Horse): 227 p
1 Expert Commander (C-in-C), attached to CM below 30 p
4 Andalusian Cav CM 92 p
1 Mercenary Knights  29 p
1 Banu Birzal CM  30 p
2 Andalusian CL with Javelin 46 p

Command 2 (mainly foot): 173 p
1 Expert Commander (not attached)  20 p
2 Javelin Skirmishers 24 p

3 Andalusian Foot and Archers fielded together as large units  75 p
2 Mercenary Light Horse with Bow  44 p                                      

 Now all I have left to do is learn the Impetus - rules... And, ahem, finish some other figures I'll need for the event. But more of this later.

All the best to you, take care and thanks for your visit,

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  1. WoW! The army looks absolutely great and background looks cool too! I'm really looking forward to this! I must not forget my camera!

    Thank you for link and kind words.

    I wish I could say I'm finished, but I still have some more units to go so I'll be painting up to the last minute!


  2. Most impressive !!!

    Stunning picture of greate painted minis !!!

    Best regards Michael

  3. Fantastic looking troops; great photography too. A beautiful army indeed. Best, Dean

  4. Absolutely stunning! I'd love to see them in action against Christopher's El-Cid army. 'Unfortunately' though I'm on vacation while Attriticon.I hope you will take loads of pictures of this clash of giants!

  5. Many thanks, my friends, I really appreciate your kind words and your support! I have added a few more pictures - I've taken the earlier ones yesterday evening, and as I wanted to pack everything today I just couldn't resist to take some more pictures. I'm so happy I'm in the shedule, and I can't say how much I'm looking forward to the game with Christopher!

  6. Wow, most impressive army.
    They look even greater all together.

  7. Wonderful! I love this army and all of the attention that you lavished on it. It just shines, and your photography skills are top notch too.

    I'm not sure how I missed your blog all this time but I'll be following!