Sonntag, 6. Juni 2021

Normandy in 20mm

Dear Friends,

it's been some time. It's not that I was not around the hobby any more, I simply did not feel like blogging. I do not now if this has changed or if there will be a long silence after this post - but I do have a feeling it will be the former.

So to re-open this blog, I want to start with some thing very new (for me). For someone with the size of my lead pile and the sheer logistical problem of accommodating so many projects, it is utter, absurd madness to start not only another era but a new scale, too. Still, where would we wargamers be without the slight overdose of insanity, so I'll shamelessly say: I enjoyed it.

Within 2 months I painted 120 figures, 6 vehicles, a handful of houses and several landscape pieces. The explanation for this productivity boost is, on the one hand, that I kept at it (it's really amazing when you swap the 1.5 hours you have in the evening for the painting table instead of TV and internet) and, on the other hand, that it was incredibly fun.

Enough words, let the pictures talk. Here I proudly present my new venture into 20mm ww2 Normandy:




5 Kommentare:

  1. I was wondering what happened to you Tobi and it looks like you returned with a bang! As always lovely painting with just top notch photography! I hope to see more of your lovely work and perhaps we can get a game in again sometime.


  2. Thank you, Christopher, for your kind comment. Yes, it's also good to hear from you again and definitly it would be a great perspective to play a game toegether - I think last time was at the AttritiCon many, many years ago... All the best!

  3. Superb! Especially for only 2 months - very impressive. And yes, we cannot resist new scales and periods against our better judgement!

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